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Senior Mixed Open - 5th August 2022

The full competition scores can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for your support.


The corresponding event in 2023 will be held on Friday 4th August and online are being accepted via our website;-


Seniors Open - 3rd August 2022

The results from the 2022 Seniors Open can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you all for your support.

We hope to see you back in 2023. The Seniors Open is scheduled for 2nd August 2022 and online entries are now being accepted via our website;-

Ladies Open - 22nd July 2022

The results were;-


1st – 80 points

Candice Jones          Staverton Park                    Debbie Pendlebury            Staverton Park

Michelle Bate          Staverton Park                    Jackie Frampton                 Staverton Park


2nd – 79 points

Paula McCourt        Beedles Lake                       Mel Kefford                         Whitefields

Donna Canning       Beedles Lake                       Val Sassal                              Leamington Spa


3rd – 78 points

Marcella Buttery    Horsley Lodge                     Linda Cassidy                       Horsley Lodge

Margaret Enoch      Horsley Lodge                     Sandy Flewitt                       Horsley Lodge


4th – 77 points

Ann Bloor                 Rushcliffe                              Babs Perkins                        Rushcliffe

Wendy Miller           Rushcliffe                              Jennifer Reed                      Rushcliffe


5th – 76 points

Jayne Barrs              Beeston Fields                     Lindsay Carruthers            Beeston Fields

Clare Jones               Wollaton                               Di Clarke                               Beeston Fields



Nearest the pin 2nd Hole – Sarah Smith – Kilworth Springs


Nearest the pin 18th hole – Penny Campbell – Burghley Park



Senior Mixed Open - 25th May 2022

The Results;

  1. Alan Finch, Linda Finch, Dave Whitehead, Sue Randle; 89pts (Back 9).
  2. Robin Tweedale, Patrica Tweedale, Peter Evans, Julie Evans; 89pts.
  3. Peter Fisher, Di Horsley, Tom Kirkpatrick, Olive Fisher; 87pts.
  4. John Wardle, Anne Wardle, Mark Mumford, Jeanette Mumford; 84pts ( Back 6).

Nearest the Pins;

Ladies; Di Horsley.

Men; Robin Tweedale.


Ladies Spring Open - 22nd April 2022

The results for the above can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for your support.

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