Hamilton Cup

The Hamilton Cup is played for annually and each member club takes it in turn to host the event on a rota basis.

The selection of the team is by invitation. The team is only 12 players, and historically new people have joined and come along as others drop out. Any interested members can contact Paul Baxter but there are limited places and places are offered first to those that have supported on a regular basis and have travelled to the other clubs. 

The Constitution set up to manage the Hamilton Cup is as follows;-

1. Background

1.1       The Hamilton Cup is an annual team competition that was inaugurated in 1990 by the following Clubs: 

            Pau Golf Club, France                            Tenby Golf Club, Wales

            Oporto Golf Club, Portugal

1.2       The founding principle of the Hamilton Cup is to promote friendships and social competition between member clubs.

2. Members

2.1       Members of the Hamilton Cup are:

            Pau Golf Club, France                              Tenby Golf Club, Wales

            Kirby Muxloe Golf Club, England              Golf Rias Baixas (Mondaritz), Spain

            Real Club de Golf de Castiello, Spain      Kennemer Golf & Country Club, Holland

            Biarritz Golf Club, France

2.2 Honorary members of the Association are:

            Oporto Golf Club                                     Club de Golf do Estoril

            Golf Bordelais, France                             Real Club de Golf de Neguri, Spain

            Real Club de Golf de Bandama, Grand Canaria

3. Management Committee

3.1       The Hamilton Cup Committee is formed by all the team captains.  For ease of administration for all member clubs and for the Hamilton Cup Committee, the Hamilton Cup Team Captain will be a               continuous position.  In the event of a Club wishing to change the Captain, the Club will notify the Committee and preferably the new Captain can be introduced at the next meeting of the                       Committee by the outgoing Captain.  The Committee of team captains at September 2013 are:

            Emmanuel Daum (Chairman), Biarritz Golf Club         

            Steve Evans (President), Tenby Golf Club                  

            George Jones (Vice President), Kirby Muxloe Golf Club

            Linda Evans, Tenby Golf Club

            Paul Baxter, Kirby Muxloe Golf Club

            Luis Quirano Moyano, Rias Baixas

             Alberto Cortino, Real Club de Golf de Castiello

             Hans Bosch, Kennemer Golf & Country Club

3.2       In the event that the Captain of any of the teams is different to the President/Captain of the Club represented by that team, and there is an incompatibility between the Captain of the Team and             the President/Captain of the Club, they shall agree a Vice-Captain, who will act temporarily as Captain of the Team.  This Vice-Captain shall be proposed to the Hamilton Cup Committee and                 accepted by this Committee.

3.3       The Vice-Captain will form part of the Hamilton Cup Management Committee, and may attend the Committee Meeting with voice and vote.  The Vice-Captain will be relieved of his functions                     when the Captain and the President of the Club so decide.

3.4       The Hamilton Cup Committee has the responsibility to admit new clubs or to exclude any of the clubs presently taking part in the competition.  They also have the facility to alter at any time the                conditions under which the competition is to be played.

3.5       The Hamilton Cup Committee will meet annually during the playing of the tournament or at any such other time as required.

4. Hamilton Cup Teams

4.1       The teams competing in the Hamilton Cup are composed of eight players, male and female, plus a maximum of four substitutes who shall be over 35 years of age (mid-amateurs).  The purpose             of the competition is to promote ongoing friendship and hospitality between the clubs.  It is the taking part that is the main focus of the competition and a bonus for a team to win.  The                             aggregate handicap of the team members must not be less than a total of 80.  A maximum of 20 people will be allowed from each club to attend at each competition.

 4.2       If a team has not enough players to compete, it can borrow players from the host club or failing that from any of the other participating clubs providing that no player ever represents more than              one team during the event.

 5. Hamilton Cup Competition

5.1       The competition is a stableford format played over 36 holes on two consecutive days (normally Thursday and Friday) according to the following format.  A practice day is offered for visiting                     teams on the Wednesday.

            1st Day            18 Holes                    Fourball betterball    (4 pairs per team)

            2nd Day           18 Holes                    Singles                      (8 players per team)

5.2       The final result of each team will be the aggregate of the best three scores on the first day and the best six scores on the second day.  In the event of a tied score the following cards will be                   counted:

            Best 7th card of 2nd day

            Best 8th card of 2nd day

            Best 4th card of 1st day

            The team that has the lowest handicaps of the 2nd day

6. Venue of the Competition

6.1       The venue will rotate around each member club in succession.

7. Protocol of the Competition

Day 1              Training Day

                        Evening Reception (drink and canapés) to welcome teams and hoisting of flags

                        Photocall of each team and of all the teams together

 Day 2              First day of competition – fourball better ball

                        It remains to the host Club to organise a visit to a place of interest if possible/convenient.

 Day 3              Second day of competition – Singles

                        The Captains of the teams are drawn to play together and go out before other competitors.

                        Annual Hamilton Cup Committee (meeting of Captains) held after playing

                        Presentation Dinner – presenting of cup to winning team and handout of commemorative gift to all players.

8. Hosting the Competition

8.1       The venue for the competition will rotate around each participating club.  In practice this has meant that each club hosts the event on average about once in 8 years.  The cost of hosting the                 event will include the reception drink and canapés on Wednesday evening, the presentation dinner including wine and soft drinks, and mementos for each player.  All visitors (maximum 20 per               club) are entitled to complimentary use of the course for the duration of the competition.

8.2       All participants and attendees at the presentation dinner will pay £30 or €30 per person towards the cost of hosting the event.  The figure will be decided by the host club at the Captains’                       meeting in the preceding year.

8.3       It is the decision of each club how they fund the hosting of the event.  Most Captains have founded the “Hamilton Fund”.  Each player who participates pays, in the year he/she visits one of the             other clubs, into a home fund.  For example, if each player pays €50 – so after 8 years with 8 participants a total of €3,200 will be held in the fund which should mean that the cost of hosting                 the event is neutral for the club.  However each Club can choose their own way to finance the Hamilton Cup.

9. Reciprocation of Green Fees

9.1       A benefit of participating in the Hamilton Cup is that each club will offer reciprocal green fees to the other clubs.  This reciprocal arrangement will extend to a maximum of 50 players per year,                 with a maximum of 8 players per day (2 starting times).  Once the maximum of 50 players per year has been attained any further players will pay the member’s rate of green fee.  If use is made             of the reciprocal arrangement, each player has at all times to abide by the local rules of the host club.  The practice of the last 24 years is that none of the participating clubs has received more             than 20 visitors per year apart from the tournament days of the Hamilton Cup.

10. Nuno Carneiro Trophy

10.1    In memory of one of the founder members, Nuno Carneiro, a trophy will be presented at the presentation dinner to the team with the least overall points.

11. Hamilton Cup Association 

11.1    It has been recognised that the Association needs a base address and spokesperson to represent the Hamilton Cup Committee.  It has been agreed that this address will be Pau Golf Club and that the Spokesperson will be Emmanuel Daum, Chairman of the Association.

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